You can purchase replacement parts at powersmartcanada.ca OR call us at (800)-791-9458 to order parts.

Please refer to your product manual for warranty. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase for use of the warranty.

Yes. You can purchase batteries at powersmartcanada.ca OR call us at (800) 791-9458 to order your batteries.

You can take your product for service to one of our many authorized service centers near you by using our service center locator at powersmartcanada.ca. Make sure to register your product before you take your product to service. You must present proof of purchase.

Yes. All 20v batteries will work with all 20v tools. 

2 year limited warranty. 

You can find information about your product on the black label located directly on your product.


Before you get your Powersmart product serviced, please review the following steps to ensure a smooth experience.